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Don’t let the injury bug bite your team before playoffs

Hey Coach, Has your team been affected by the injury bug yet?  With playoffs just around the corner, we want to help your players get back in the game quickly! Quick and accurate treatment after an injury can make a huge difference in games lost.  The sooner an athlete gets started with injury rehabilitation, the […]

A New Year and a New You – Dr. Chiarelli

New Year, New You Around the new year there is a lot of talk about resolutions and goal setting in order to make improvements in our lives in some way. The most common resolutions include staying fit and getting healthy with almost 70% of people making some type of resolution in those areas. Despite the […]

Sinusitis – How Osteopathy can help!

How Can Osteopathy Help with Sinus Congestion? By: Brock Palma B. Kin, Osteopathy (Current Study) With the seasons quickly changing, comes a quick drop in temperature. At this time in the year, the common cold and flu gets spread around very fast, getting individuals sick ov er the holiday season. The common cold and flu […]

Dust off the shovel – Winter is coming…

Snow Shovelling Safety Unfortunately, winter is just around the corner, and with it, inevitably comes snow. Although this can be fun to play in, it can be a laborious chore to move and at times can be dangerous and risky. Today I hope to give you some pointers on better ways to shovel your snow […]

Cold Weather Running – Brrrrrr…..

Cold Weather Running Adequate awareness and precautions are important for the full enjoyment of cold weather running. Frostbite and hypothermia are the most common hurdles that one may come across in cold weather running. Knowing the risk factors and warning signs of frostbite and hypothermia are the first step to prevent such injuries. What is […]

How Osteopathy Can Help During Pregnancy

Osteopathy and Pregnancy By: Brock Palma, B.Kin, Osteopathy (Current Study)   During pregnancy, there are many physiological and developmental changes and that the maternal body undergoes in order to accommodate a growing fetus. These changes can disrupt the body’s structure and ability to function. Some of these changes may include water retention, postural changes, increase […]

When Should I Come Back for Massage?

Booking Your Follow-Up:  Stefanie Moser R.Kin, RMT CAT(C) – Registered Massage Therapist After a great treatment, the obvious next question is, “When should I come back?” The answer depends on many factors, such as your budget, your available time, and most importantly, what your treatment goals are. While there are no simple answers to this […]

Desk Ergonomics 101 – Making your work life a little easier!

Desk Ergonomics Correct sitting posture is essential for minimizing musculoskeletal disorders or injuries such as repetitive injuries to the shoulder or elbow and neck or lower back pain. Studies have shown that improper sitting posture or prolonged sitting can lead to stiffness, decreased movements and insufficient nutrition to the spine. Decreased physical activity associated with […]

Repetitive Stress Injuries – Why and How by Jeannette Quach

Repetitive Stress Injuries – Why and How? A common question I receive after completing an assessment is “why did this happen to me?” or “why do these injuries occur? how did this happen to me?”. The answer is actually quite simple. Most injuries can be caused by 3 possible reasons: 1. Tight muscles 2. Muscle […]

Post-Concussion Syndrome – I forget if that’s what I had…

Nick Halkidis’s take on the topic: Today’s hot topic is concussions and their lingering effects.  Many people associate the severity of a concussion by how violent the impact is. However, the only way to grade a concussion is by how long it takes to recover.  Unfortunately, science has yet to produce a test that can […]