Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a flexible approach to Pilates training which allows for accommodation and modifications to the patient’s physical capabilities and treatment goals. Whereas, traditional Pilates tend to follow a more structured approach and flow to the exercises.

About Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an effective way to rehabilitate musculoskeletal conditions including neck, upper and lower back pain, chronic joint pain, as well as it helps reduce the incidence of re-injury. It’s appropriate for all age groups and fitness levels.

Clinical Pilates is led by a regulated health professional with training and knowledge about rehabilitation and exercise prescription. At Apple Creek our Clinical Pilates is by our Registered Kinesiologist Faiza, who has many years of clinical exercise prescription and training.

Our Instructor

Who can benefit?

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Learning to effectively activate your deep core muscles, Clinical Pilates will help prepare your body for the growing baby while avoiding body aches and pains. It will also set up your body for labour and delivery and is a great asset postpartum.

Clinical Pilates Postpartum is again an effective way to regain strength in your core, heal your pelvic floor and diastasis rectus while being able to get back to your pre-pregnancy pre-pregnancy activities
and sports.
It is gentle on the body while highly effective and therapeutic.

Older Adults

There are specific goals that older adults have while staying active in the later years. Most have
chronic pain that is not improving with regular stretching and mobility and Clinical Pilates will be
able to provide the technical and appropriate guidance to activating and strengthening the right


Recovering from injury and wanting to get back to playing your sport you want to progressively introduce intensity and load on your body before going full force. Once completing Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy an athlete can gradually be reintroduced to sport through Clinical
Pilates while focusing on technique and appropriateness of load and intensity as well as helping to avoid re-injury and future injuries.

Plan For Your Visit


Drink water before and after your appointment to keep hydrated.

What to Wear

Wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts, or sweat pants.

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