About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy includes an assessment and treatment of conditions related to the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory systems of the body. 

Physiotherapists are specialists in biomechanical analysis and use a holistic attitude towards treatment and prevention.  Using a holistic approach to treatment is proven to improve patient outcomes and prevent future reoccurrence.

Physiotherapy Techniques

  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Joint mobilizations
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques

Benefits of Physiotherapy:

  • Holistic approach
  • Reduction of pain
  • Improved posture
  • Improved biomechanics
  • Speed up and facilitate the healing process
  • Improve Quality of life
  • Assist in recovery from surgery

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Who can benefit?


Physiotherapy helps adults manage and alleviate acute, chronic and post surgical pain conditions, enhancing mobility and restoring function. For individuals recovering from surgery, physiotherapy plays a crucial role in facilitating post-operative rehabilitation, promoting faster healing, and preventing complications.

Additionally, the aging athlete and adults in general, can benefit from physiotherapy to improve coordination, balance, and maintain/regain independence.

As a holistic approach, physiotherapy contributes to cardiovascular health, respiratory function, and overall fitness, providing tailored exercise programs and lifestyle modifications.


Teens can benefit significantly from physiotherapy as it addresses various health and musculoskeletal issues commonly experienced during this developmental stage. Physiotherapy can help manage sports injuries, promoting a safe and effective recovery, allowing teens to return to their physical activities with improved strength and reduced risk of re-injury. Additionally, as teens undergo rapid growth spurts, physiotherapy can address musculoskeletal imbalances and postural issues, promoting proper alignment and preventing long-term complications.


Tailored specifically to the unique needs of older individuals, physiotherapy aims to improve mobility, balance, and overall functional independence. Through a combination of targeted exercises, manual therapy, and specialized interventions, physiotherapists work with seniors to alleviate pain, prevent injuries, and promote optimal physical health. This proactive approach helps manage conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and joint stiffness, allowing seniors to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle.


Athletes often push their bodies to the limit, leading to various injuries and strains. Physiotherapists specialize in assessing and treating these musculoskeletal issues, utilizing a combination of manual therapy, exercise prescription, and rehabilitation techniques. Their expertise extends beyond injury management to encompass preventive strategies, focusing on strengthening specific muscle groups, improving flexibility, and correcting biomechanical imbalances. Through tailored rehabilitation programs, physiotherapists aid athletes in recovering from injuries, enhancing their functional capacity, and minimizing the risk of future setbacks.


Through specialized exercises and interventions, physiotherapy helps enhance physical strength, flexibility, and coordination in children, contributing to the development of motor skills. For youngsters facing developmental challenges, such as delays in achieving milestones or motor impairments, physiotherapy serves as a valuable tool in addressing these issues early on. Beyond physical improvements, physiotherapy fosters a positive attitude toward physical activity, encouraging children to participate in sports and recreational activities, which are essential for social interaction and building self-esteem.

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