Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is for EVERYONE

Best known for providing immediate on-field emergency care of professional and national athletes, Athletic Therapists are skilled in returning athletes (of all levels) to competition and maximizing their performance potential as fast as possible after an injury.

We recognize not everyone is an Elite Athlete – Our aim is to treat every individual as if they were. Following the sports medicine model, we provide optimal care options.

What we do?

Athletic Therapists are very effective in treating the injuries sustained by everyday active Canadians, including:

Injuries from falls, and mishaps

Chronic and recurring conditions such as jumper's knee, tennis elbow & tendonitis

Pre-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation

Traumatic injuries from sporting events and everyday life

Our Athletic Therapists



Why see an Athletic Therapist?

Sport / Activities Specific Rehabilitation

Athletic therapists work to identify and address individual needs.  Rehabilitation for a tennis player may be different from one person to another, although they have the same shoulder condition diagnosis.

Injury Prevention

Athletic Therapists identify potential risk factors and take proactive measures to prevent injuries and keep you doing the sports and activities you love.

Immediate Care

In the event of an injury, Athletic Therapists are trained to provide immediate care on the field or in a clinical setting. This can include injury assessment, first aid, and the initiation of appropriate treatment protocols.

Return to Play

One of the most important questions Athletic Therapists are asked after an individual sustains an injury is “when can I return to the activity I love?”

Athletic Therapists are highly skilled in knowing when it’s safe to return you back to your favorite activity and in a way that minimizes your risk of re-injury.

Active Rehabilitation

Athletic Therapists are experts in designing activity specific programs tailored to remove any hurdles in your way with a focus on your individual lifestyle and your identified goals.

We can help you get there!

Enhanced Performance

Most people come to see us because of pain or some kind of limitation, be it range of motion or strength defecits. 

Some people just want to play better, run faster or not miss days of the activity they love. That’s where Athletic Therapists shine.

We know countless tips and tricks of how to manage your body and your training to keep you in the game and reach new heights.

Plan For Your Visit


Wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts, or sweat pants.


There is no such thing as a bad question, so come prepared with anything you may be unsure of.


Drink water before and after your appointment to keep hydrated.

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