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We don’t typically post these outside of the Google Reviews that exist, but this was special:

How did a grandmother end up at Apple Creeks Sports Rehab Clinic? It was the first
choice of my (young) G.P. From the initial assessment, Jordan Katz recommended/
nudged/pushed me to get in the queue for a hip replacement  then (Aug.26/20) before
I developed medical issues. He treats the whole patient, even my so called “good leg”
which wasn’t quite so good!  He outlined the treatment program, what could be achieved and not achieved.  Fast forward to April 6/21, one month post op with left
total hip, I am doing well with physio and hoping to be back at golf by Aug.???
I give Apple Creek and Jordan 5 stars*****.

Regards. Take care and stay safe.

We are Open!

Things you need to know:

    • Our schedules have changed – to maintain proper safety precautions, we must make contact prior to your appointment and stay on time when you are in the clinic
    • Prior to your in clinic appointment – Apple Creek has implemented a policy to include an “virtual appointment”.
      • Expect a phone call from your therapist over the next few weeks.  Therapists have a  priority list that they are working from, but if you haven’e heard from us, don’t hesitate to contact us. 905-475-0484
    • When you arrive at your appointment, please call the clinic 905-475-0484 and wait to be directed into your specific treatment room for the appointment.
    • Apple Creek has 3 doors, most recently identified by superhero posters Wonder Woman, Spider Man & Bat Man.  
    • We ask that you enter alone, unless accompanying a minor.
    • After entering – please disinfect your hands at the hand sanitizing station at the designated door
    • For your safety and the safety of others – as Mask MUST be worn.  Apple Creek will provide a mask if needed for $1
    • Proceed to your designated treatment room
    • Therapists will be wearing a mask
    • For sanitary purposes – IFC (electrical modality) pads will not be shared moving forward and can be purchased for $5.00.
    • After the treatment – we ask that you exit the same door you entered.  Your therapist will then disinfect the room and any surfaces that were touched.
    • From the parking lot call the clinic to ensure your next appointment is scheduled and to confirm payment either with your credit card number or with an e-transfer.  paymentsapplecreek@gmail.com

To limit contact with our staff, we are asking all patients to utilize the client portal  when settling your account OR to phone in your credit card information from the parking lot after your appointment.  905-475-0484

Still need help? Give us a call or drop us an email.
Staff will be answering phone calls and monitoring emails as best as possible, please be patient as we are experiencing a high volumes of calls
THANKS for Choosing Apple Creek!


A multidisciplinary approach dedicated to the evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders.


Welcome to Apple Creek Sports Medicine Centre! We are a Markham-based multidisciplinary clinic providing a variety of services to balance health and the body. Our health care team at Apple Creek Sports Medicine Centre is comprised of three Certified Athletic Therapists, two Physiotherapists, three Registered Massage Therapists, two Osteopathic Manual Practitioners and one Chiropractor.

Together we can assess your condition, educate and develop a total rehabilitation plan to return to you to work, play and a balanced life. Need to book an appointment? Contact us today!

Complete Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation for:
  • Pain Management
  • Acute Injury Care
  • Functional Training
  • Low Back and Neck Pain
  • Knee and Foot Pain
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries

Our Facility

Our facility is a 3500 square foot facility with three massage rooms, two physiotherapy offices, one chiropractic office and a large treatment and rehabilitation area with multiple treatment beds and modality machines. We exercise and training area with a variety of exercise equipment to use as part of an exercise program.

Equipment that a practitioner may utilize at this facility include:

  • Ultrasound
  • Muscle Stimulation Unit
  • Interferrential Current Unit
  • Micro-Current Unit
  • TENS
  • Acustim Unit
  • Thermo and Cryo Therapy
  • InterX
  • Kinesio Tape
  • Saccades Analytics – Eye Tracking Software

Exercise equipment that the practitioners use on a daily basis include:

  • Exercise Balls
  • Treadmill
  • Monark Stationary Bike
  • Thera-Band Tubing, Medicine Balls, and Free Weights
  • BOSU Ball
  • Slider Board
  • Wobble Board / Sit fit
  • Pulley Machine
  • Various Exercise/Sporting Equipment

While many products are available in stock at this facility through the Walking Mobility Clinic, special orders can be made for certain products. Products currently in stock at this facility include:

  • Mediflow Pillows
  • Thermaphores
  • McKenzie Rolls
  • Exercise Balls
  • Theraband Tubing

How to book an appointment:


Contact us



Sign into your – CLIENT PORTAL – To complete all your paperwork before your first appointment, have access to your receipts and review your upcoming appointments.