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29 Jun

Sports Specialization Is Making Youth Less Athletic: The 10,000 hour ‘practice’ myth

Tim Rees’s (lead author of The Great British Medallists Project) research rejects the idea that anyone can become an expert at anything simply by putting in enough time. “Practice doesn’t make perfect,” Rees said, which undermines another popular notion: That 10,000 hours, a number based on research by Anders Ericsson and popularized by author Malcolm Gladwell […]

16 Apr

Communication is the Key by Jordan Katz

Communication is the key! When working with a physiotherapist, there are many factors that will help a patient in accelerating recovery.  The type of injury or condition, the skill of the therapist, and the amount of time and effort put into rehabilitation exercises, are a few of the key factors. By far, however, the most […]

03 Apr

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and Massage by Sean Li (RMT)

Have you ever worked out, went to sleep, and felt sore the next day? Or the day after that? That was because of something called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Massage can help increase the circulation to the area and decrease the overall recovery time! What is DOMS? DOMS is a dull, achy pain that takes a […]

20 Mar

Osteopathy and Headaches – can it help? by Sarah Shaw, RMT

As discussed in a previous blog post, it is estimated that 47% of the world’s population has a headache at least once a year. For many of my patients, headaches are something that happen either a few times a month, week or even daily in some cases. Although massage therapy treatment, chiropractic, athletic therapy and […]

05 Mar

What is Kinesiology Tape? by Stephanie Loy Son, CAT(C)

You’ve probably seen it everywhere – at the Olympics, at your child’s track meet and/or even on your best friend. It’s that long piece of sometimes fluorescent coloured tape that sits on an athlete’s shoulder, leg or even abdomen. What is it, you ask? It’s kinesiology tape or more commonly referred to as KT Tape […]

Knee Pain and Glute Med

Hey Guys, So lately I have been seeing a lot of knee pain and I need to address it. Most of the time the knee pain that I see is coming from weak muscles of the hip, especially when the knee pain “comes from nowhere” or “I never did anything”. The lateral hip muscles (gluteus […]

Core Fundamentals -Jeannette Quach

Whether it is back, knee or shoulder pain, the other common question I get is “how do I get rid of this pain and prevent it from occurring again?”. If you look back to my previous article about Repetitive Stress Injuries – Why & How, I discuss the 3 main reasons why these injuries occur. […]

Don’t let the injury bug bite your team before playoffs

Hey Coach, Has your team been affected by the injury bug yet?  With playoffs just around the corner, we want to help your players get back in the game quickly! Quick and accurate treatment after an injury can make a huge difference in games lost.  The sooner an athlete gets started with injury rehabilitation, the […]