VIRTUAL THERAPY – the silver lining  

When Covid 19 struck the GTA, Apple Creek, along with almost every other business and service, was compelled to temporarily close its doors.  At the time,  I was concerned about my patients, my practice and my family (maybe not in that order!) but I discovered that every cloud has a silver lining 

When the directive to isolate ourselves was first given, I had many concerns and questions; mostly I wondered how I would manage full-time with my 3 young children; how they would manage with me; and how my patients would manage without me?  I was concerned about those of you who were dealing with pain, healing from strain, repairing from injury and recuperating after surgery.  I honestly had my doubts that virtual therapy would be able to meet your needs and allow me to provide the level of service that I am committed to giving to my patients.  I know, that many other practitioners and patients shared my doubts

Over the 12 weeks of isolation and 4 weeks since gradually and carefully reopening Apple Creek, I have discovered many things.  In addition to learning lots about kids’ games and tv programming and earning the silver hair that comes along with home schooling, I have come to believe in the benefits of virtual therapy.

  • Virtual Therapy puts the client in control 
  • Virtual Therapy provides the possibility of treatment when pain, time, or quarantine impact the ability for clinic visits
  • Virtual Therapy promotes clear communication
  • Virtual Therapy allows for assessment and education in much the same way as a clinic visit
  • Virtual therapy provides the therapist with insight into the equipment available in the client’s home
  • Virtual therapy allows those who are anxious about entering public environments, the peace of mind of being treated in their own homes.
  • Virtual therapy is an effective way for therapists to assess, treat and educate their clients

What about hands-on assessment and treatment?

While I love working with my hands and helping my patients recover through manual techniques, what most patients don’t realize is that a large part of what we do as therapists is actually achieved through conversation with, and observation of you, the patient.  Using Virtual therapy, I can listen to what you, the patient, tell me, and see how you respond to my questions. Using technology to connect with you, I can glean much of the most important information and aspects of your pain or condition, formulate most of my diagnoses, and develop a plan of action to help you get better. 

Our initial concerns about Virtual Therapy, were like so many other things in life, fear of the unknown.  When you face those fears, travel down that unpaved road, or test out those unknown waters, the results can be amazing, and to the shared delight (and better sleeps) for myself and my patients, Virtual therapy has proven to be a very effective, efficient and convenient tool for assessing and treating new and current patients.

If you have any questions or are looking for more information about virtual therapy, or our safe re-opening, please contact or call the clinic at 905-475-0484

Jordan Katz MSCPT, HBa(Kine) Registered Physiotherapist