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Exercises to do While Driving – Neck Pain/Posture

A lot of injuries and complaints I see at Apple Creek are back and neck pain.  Often I prescribe exercises at the beginning of my treatment plan to complement the manual work I perform on the patient.  Exercises are vital in the rehabilitation process as I am able to unlock joints, loosen muscles and make […]

Staying Fit on the Road

Business meetings, client dinners, flight delays… travelling for business can leave you with little time for staying fit.  For most people fitness involves sticking to an established routine, however, if you are someone who travels for business it doesn’t mean you have to throw your diet and exercise routine out the window.  Here are some […]

Benefits of Exercise!

Do you want to feel better, boost your energy levels, and even decrease your risk of chronic disease? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then regular exercise may be just what you need and Apple Creek is here to help! There are endless benefits that we can get from regular exercise, […]