Business meetings, client dinners, flight delays… travelling for business can leave you with little time for staying fit.  For most people fitness involves sticking to an established routine, however, if you are someone who travels for business it doesn’t mean you have to throw your diet and exercise routine out the window.  Here are some strategies to help you stay active while travelling.

  1. Plan your accommodations. Before you leave find out if your hotel has a fitness center, or if it has a partnership with any gyms in the area.  If not ask the concierge to recommend some local gyms that offer daily or weekly passes.
  2. Pack your workout. Some workout equipment such as resistance bands, running shoes, or a jump rope can easily be packed into your suitcase and take up minimal room.  Just seeing the packed equipment in your suitcase may be motivation enough to get you active while on the road.
  3. Schedule early. Your schedule may not be yours while you travel so planning workouts early in the day before things get hectic guarantees that you get it in.
  4. Use your room. Exercises such as jumping jacks, push ups, mountain climbers, squats, lunges, yoga and Pilates can all be done with no equipment in the privacy and comfort of your own hotel room.  Not having to leave your room to work out means you can squeeze in 15-20 minutes after waking up or before going to bed without having to take the extra time to get to the gym.
  5. Use your feet. If getting in a resistance workout is too challenging on your busy travel schedule try simple things like taking the stairs or walking rather than taking a taxi to get in some cardio while on the road.

Staying fit on the road

Committing to eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and drinking plenty of water will also help achieve your fitness goals on the road.  While no one expects you to stick to your fitness routine 100% while away on business getting in even 20-30 minutes of exercise per day should bring you home in the same condition in which you left.  Just remember, even a little exercise is better than nothing!