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Posture Assessments

Posture Assessments



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Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in patients attending therapy due to neck, shoulder and back pain.  Many of these complaints could be directly correlated to, or as a result of poor sitting or standing posture.  What we have come to realize is that there are significant misconceptions of what constitutes good or proper posture and that people do not understand how to achieve good posture.  Often it is much easier than people think it is, to make postural improvements and as such reduce pain and improve productivity.

Apple Creek is happy to announce that one of their highly experienced Registered Physiotherapists, Jordan Katz, is offering to provide a postural assessment/screen at a discounted rate on the following dates:

February 25 (Tuesday) & February 27 (Thursday) between 3-6 pm.

During this assessment, Jordan will perform a detailed postural analysis using his experience as well as some of the latest technology, provide you with some hints and techniques to help improve your posture and provide you with tailored exercises for your situation.

All assessments are provided by a registered physiotherapist and as such are covered by your extended health coverage.

Book now to secure your reduced rate and assessment time. 905-475-0484

  • Please Dress appropriately, with a sleeveless shirt/tank top and shorts.