Faiza Abdullah

Manual Osteopathic Practitioner (Student)

Registered Kinesiologist

Faiza is a kinesiologist and has always been an advocate of living a healthy active lifestyle. She has extensive experiences working with groups and individuals with chronic conditions guiding them to regain control of their health. She is now in her final years of becoming an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner hoping to help individuals in pain and regain optimal health.

Her focus is to combine her osteopathic knowledge with her exercise background, to assist patients in their healing and guide them to strengthen their bodies and avoid/reduce future issues.

Faiza obtained her undergraduate and master’s degree in Kinesiology at York University. She did her pilates training shortly after and is currently at the Canadian College of Osteopathy working towards her Diploma in OMP. She is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge and become a better practitioner for her patients and clients.

She enjoys working with people of all ages, but has a special interest in pre- and postnatal care for mothers and babies. Assisting both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy and after delivery. Her research at the Canadian College of Osteopathy focuses on postnatal onset of low back pain in women who have undergone cesarean surgery. She plans on gaining more experience and practice in this area once she has graduated.

In her freetime, Faiza enjoys cooking meals for her and her family, gardening and growing her own vegetables. She stays active by strength training and doing pilates and going for long walks. She loves to travel and enjoys visiting exotic places and eating different cuisines that inspire her cooking.


Pediatric Specialist

Peri-natal Specialist

Exercise Specialist

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