Athletic Therapy Month

National Athletic Therapy Month

It is that wonderful time of year again!  That’s Right – Athletic Therapy Month!

June has been designated as Athletic Therapy Month by the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association and this year’s theme is – “Whatever your finish line”, check out the new blog produced by CATA –

Watch this this promo video the association has produced for some additional information:

Athletic Therapy needs a specific month to celebrate as we are the rehabilitation worlds, best kept secret.  Often confused with other professions, i.e. Physiotherapy; Athletic Therapists differ mainly in their active rehabilitation based philosophy

AT’s, as we are affectionately called, are trained in orthopedic testing and rehabilitation, exercise prescription, modality application, concussion assessment and rehabilitation, as well as Emergency First Aid (E.F.A.).   We work in sports medicine clinics (like Apple Creek 🙂 ), schools and universities, in ergonomics and insurance, with professional sports, and in sales.  Sometimes we have duel designations, but we are often Athletic Therapists first, which provides a strong foundation for strong education and active based philosophies.

You probably already know this…but at Apple Creek we have 4 certified Athletic Therapists; Stefanie, Jeannette, Nick and John are all AT’s who practice in the clinic but also have many experiences outside the clinic as well. Such as being part of a sports medicine team with Hockey Canada, Trampoline Canada, Baseball Canada, Team Canada’s Frisbee team and local hockey associations.  We have participated in major games around the world as part of the athletes medical support team, but always enjoy coming back home to Apple Creek to help the average bear attain their personal goals and maintain optimal health.

Should you have any questions about our services or the AT field in general, don’t hesitate to ask and we will be happy to help!  Another resource that you may want to check out would be our national association @ or our Provincial association @ .

Don’t forget Athletic Therapists love high fives and hugs – don’t be afraid to get one from the Apple Creek Gang!

John Sage CAT (C) D.O.M.P