“Tech Neck” is great for our business but bad for your bones!

A condition that is too common these days, with no sign of getting better, is something we can all work on.

Due to the advancement of smart devices, and the need that many of us have to be connected, we spend hours hunched over.  This poor posture, places a large amount of stress on our neck and upper back which increases mechanical forces placed throughout the spinal column.  Symptoms can vary, but might include headaches, tingling and numbness in arms and hands, eye strain and general neck and back pain and stiffness.

Long Term effects of Tech Neck can lead to chronic pain and degenerative changes in the spine, chronic spasm in the supporting musculature and impact other physiological mechanisms (breathing, heart rate variability, digestion and autoregulation).

So as you are reading this post, sitting up straight and thinking you are doomed – don’t worry it’s never too late!  There are many habits which you can implement today to assist in correcting your posture, getting your head back onto your body and decreasing your symptoms (or preventing them).

*Take a break – when you body sends you a message of discomfort – listen to the warning shot – take a break, look up, rest your arms and take a deep breath in (this has many positive effects, improving posture is only one).

*Change your screen / work station height so you look horizontally instead of looking down.

*Stretch – move your neck; side to side – chin tuck – look up.  Open your chest up by extending your arms out or overhead.

*Move – listen to your body, put your device down and go for a walk.

*Get some treatment.  Take a few minutes out of your week to treat yourself, you deserve it.  Get educated on what you can do and start today.  An orthopedic assessment with an Athletic Therapist, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor could work wonders to get you “headed” in the right direction.

In an effort to help with Tech Neck – Apple Creek is offering “Posture Assessments” in February 2020 (call clinic regarding availability 905-475-0484) where a detailed assessment with a report and specific exercises will be prescribed custom to your results.

Apple Creek has many great therapists who would be happy to discuss your sore neck, but I can be reached directly at john@applecreeksports.com for specific questions and look forward to hearing from you.