Taping and Wrapping Course

Apple Creek Sports Medicine is proud to be offering a Sport Wrapping and Taping workshop.  This workshop will be taught by an Athletic Therapist and will be a hands-on session where  participants learn how to prevent and care for common sports injuries with the proper use of  taping and wrapping techniques.

This workshop is a great opportunity for students to get the fundamentals of taping and learn how to better care for athletes.

4 hour course – $30/student +HST

By the end of the session students will have the tools to:

1. Wrap, tape and initially care for many acute injuries.

2. Apply support techniques to acute soft tissue injuries:

∙ ankle and shoulder wrapping

∙ arm and shoulder sling.

3. Use elastic wrap supports:

∙ quadriceps/hamstring wrap

∙ groin wrap.

4. Understand and apply many common taping techniques:

∙ wrist, thumb, finger, ankle, patellar tendon (jumper’s knee) taping.

No previous taping experience necessary.


Concussion Course

Concussion Fundamentals and Evaluation Techniques – 3hours – $285 plus HST


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