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Orthotics @ Apple Creek

All orthotics are made by prescription only, and hand-made from a 3-D cast of the feet.  Materials used may range from soft foam to rigid plastic, depending on the patient’s feet, footwear, and activities.  Individual features (such as metatarsal pads and heel lifts) are also designed specifically for each patient. This is a true custom-made medical device.

Your orthotic assessment will be conducted by Dr. Breanna Kenning, where a comprehensive assessment and bio-mechanical assessment will determine your needs.  A 3D cast of your foot will be captured and then shipped to our product manufacturer, Westfalen Orthotic Services, in Uxbridge.

After a usual 2 week turnaround, a follow up appointment will be required with Dr. Breanna as your orthotics will be ready to be picked up and fit to your shoes.  A typical adaptive period can last around 7 -10 days while your feet get used to your new foot platform and your body adjusts to the changes.  After wearing for a period, some patients require modifications to the product due to blisters or other complaints.  When this occurs, simply book a follow up with Dr. Breanna and she will do her best to make minor changes on site or send back to the lab for modifications.

Our orthotics are $525.00 total, and we require a deposit of $262.50 when fitted and a second $262.50 upon pick up.  Most orthotics are covered under an extended health care plan with a physicians prescription, please check your specific plan to ensure coverage.