Welcome to Apple Creek Sports Medicine

Our Facility

This three thousand five hundred square foot facility boasts 5 treatment/assessment rooms and a chiropractic offices, a large treatment and rehabilitation area, and an exercise and training area with a variety of exercise equipment to use as part of an exercise program.

Equipment that a practitioner may utilize at this facility include:

  • Ultrasound
  • Muscle Stimulation Unit
  • Interferrential Current Unit
  • Micro-Current Unit
  • TENS
  • Acustim Unit
  • Thermo and Cryo Therapy
  • InterX
  • Kinesio Tape

Exercise equipment that the practitioners use on a daily basis include:

  • Exercise Balls
  • Treadmill
  • Monark Stationary Bike
  • Thera-Band Tubing, Medicine Balls, and Free Weights
  • BOSU Ball
  • Slider Board
  • Wobble Board / Sit fit
  • Pulley Machine
  • Various Exercise/Sporting Equipment

While many products are available in stock at this facility through the Walking Mobility Clinic, special orders can be made for certain products. Products currently in stock at this facility include:

  • Mediflow Pillows
  • Thermaphores
  • McKenzie Rolls
  • Exercise Balls
  • Theraband Tubing