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Fore! Nick’s Golf Blog -Watch Out!

Fore! Nick’s Golf Blog -Watch Out!


Its the greatest time of the year! We all get our beloved golf back in our lives where we can finally see our friends (socially distanced of course) and tee it up.

The Masters just passed and what a historic performance by Hideki Matsuyama.

As fun as golf can be, it also can take its toll on the body (and the mind).  This blog is to help you notice and prevent golf injuries.

But first WHO AM I?!

My name is Nicholas Halkidis and  I am an Athletic Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist and I completed my Medical Acupuncture at McMaster. I completed my undergrad in Kinesiology at York University.  I have worked with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, Team Canada Rugby, Team Ontario Rugby and currently Team Canada Baseball Junior National Team.

I am an avid golfer, 14 handicap (hopefully trending down) and try to get out at least twice a week.  With Covid there has definitely been a spike in how many golfers are out on the course and that directly translates into how many golfers I see in the clinic.  Today I am going to try to keep you on the course!

First step to prevent an injury is the proper WARM UP or what I call the “Tee Box Warm Up” as many of us don’t even think about warming up before we are in the Tee Box.

Here is the tee box warm up.

The second step to preventing an injury is NUTRITION AND DIET

As we move through our round sometimes we start out hot and we think this is our day to shoot low! Then you feel fatigue, back may feel a bit tired so does the grip strength and then we hit the dreaded shank into the water. I think we have all been there before.

A lot of the fatigue that we feel in the round can be cured by eating and drinking properly.  Beer is not aiming juice and doesn’t get you birdies, it makes you more fatigued and dehydrated so now we don’t make good decisions.  “Right Nick? like going for it on a 270 yard carry over water with a 3 wood because you got to make up for the triple you just put on the 16th to save your round.”

We often forget how long we are really on the course for.  4 hours of walking and playing golf, plus you got practice swings and then you got the thinking – your brain takes up 20 % of your bodies energy. The easiest way to break it down is to eat something every 6 holes.  You want to eat 2 hours before your round and then eat every 6 holes. Drink water constantly throughout the day by the end of the round you should have finished at least 1 litre of water incase you didn’t know 1 litre of water is 2 water bottles.

The last part preventing an injury is your COOL DOWN

For ease of understanding  I have created a video for you.


Now for those of you who have / struggled with injuries this section is for you! The 2 most common injuries in golf are LOWER BACK INJURIES (think threw out my back) and GOLFERS ELBOW  (tendinitis of the elbow)

The reason most golfers get injured is due to over use with improper form, now I cant correct your form but I can help you gain more strength so you can maintain your improper form longer haha.

For lower back  and elbow injuries I have created an exercise routine you can go through 3 – 4 times per week that will help prevent and treat both areas.

Here are the videos.



All you need is a hammer, a pitching wedge and a foam roller.

Well thats all for me.  I hope this Blog was informative and helps you play better and safer golf all season long.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at nick@applecreeksports,com.

Hit it long and straight,