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Sport Wrapping and Taping

Apple Creek Sports Medicine is proud to be offering a Sport Wrapping and Taping workshop. This 4 hour workshop will be taught by an Athletic Therapist and will be a hands-on afternoon where participants learn how to prevent and care for common sports injuries with the proper use of taping and wrapping techniques.

This workshop is a great opportunity for coaches, parents and team trainers to get the fundamentals of taping and learn how to better care for their athletes.

By the end of the day you will have the tools to be able to:

  • Wrap, tape and initially care for many acute injuries.
  • Apply support techniques to acute soft tissue injuries.
  • Use elastic wrap supports.
  • Understand and apply many common taping techniques.
  • Understand the basics of k-taping.

No previous taping experience necessary. This workshop is designed to be beginner friendly, as well as an excellent review for anyone who wants to refresh and build upon their basic taping knowledge.