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Heidi Margerison RMT

Heidi Margerison RMT

Heidi Margerison, RMT, has a passion, drive and focus for working with individuals who have been involved in, or are suffering from, sports related accidents and injuries. She graduated from Kikkawa College in Toronto, and it was very clear to her during her time in school that she had a passion for the sports massage field.

During her time at Kikkawa, Heidi took a variety of different classes that helped her refine her focus in a clinical massage setting. After taking a Thai massage course, Sports massage course and a Myofascial release course, she was able to expand her tool kit and cultivate her skills by incorporating many different techniques from multiple classes into a single massage therapy session.

Heidi spent time inside and outside of school volunteering and gaining experience in multiple different settings. She worked in a long-term care facility for two months downtown while in school, and learned the various challenges that can come along with working alongside the elderly. Heidi also volunteered at a Goodlife Marathon run downtown and worked with runners and athletes involved in the race.

Going forward, Heidi has an interest in multiple different areas of massage therapy, and would like to take a range of different classes in the future. She has expressed an interest in more sports and Thai massages courses, as well as a soft tissue release course, and acupuncture certification.



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