Whether it is back, knee or shoulder pain, the other common question I get is “how do I get rid of this pain and prevent it from occurring again?”. If you look back to my previous article about Repetitive Stress Injuries – Why & How, I discuss the 3 main reasons why these injuries occur. Fast forward to the present time where you are now functional and moving pain free. 

What’s next?

The answer is as simple as understanding that the stretching and strengthening must continue – especially core strength. Core strength is very underrated. It is not about achieving that six-pack you’ve always wanted for beach days and it is definitely not about who can do the most sit ups. It is about the foundation of your movements and the centre of gravity you hold to keep you stable. Your core is the one stable body that supports the movements coming from your limbs. For example, to throw a ball you obviously need to use your arm in order to wind up and release the ball. However, your core is what generates the force that gets translated to your arm to release the ball further and with more accuracy. Another great example for our Canadian winter weather is shovelling snow. If you don’t brace your core as you are shovelling and help with your legs, you are setting yourself up for some functionally-limited back pain the next day and possibly even a disc bulge. 
Your global core muscles include your typical rectus abdominals (your 6-pack), erector spinae, external obliques and quadratus lumborum. Your local core muscles are the smaller deeper muscles such as your transverse abdominals (your belt), internal obliques, multifidus, transversospinalis and the pelvic floor muscles. Most people fire their global muscles quite easily as they assist our major movements. However, the local core muscles group are the muscles that provide stable support of the spine and pelvic bones and should be fired first. 
Start your exercise regime with proper core strengthening to prevent injuries from occurring or re-occurring and to build a stronger you!
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